The Project

When: Sep 2021 – Nov 2021

Client: MultiPay

Subject: UK Merchant Services & Global

MultiPay is a world-wide payment processing company that provides the technology and back-end processing to enable bricks and mortar and online retailers accept payment across multiple integrated platforms.

Our Task Was

To create an online presence for a domestic UK and a global proposition.


The team at MuliPay were experts in the industry and came to this new organisation with a wealth of industry experience. They had engaged a graphic design team to develop a corporate style and suggested layout for a website.

  • We took an initial design brief from the graphic designers
  • We worked up a web design for MultiPay Global, a B2E brand.
  • Developed and populated the site
  • Built the pages as SEO ready
  • Installed analytics tracking
  • Hosted and launched the live website
  • Next, we built and launched the Merchant Services site with a different B2B style following the same process.


Both websites were completed on-time and on-budget. Although the same underlying company, each website is fulfilling a different role. The global brand is more service driven that the UK brand, which is product based.

  • Sites launched on time and on budget
  • Both sites registered with Search Engines and performing well across multiple platforms
  • Working with the in-house marketing team on creating landing pages and data collection for ongoing campaigns


MultiPay has two modern, responsive websites serving ts UK retail customer base as well as international partners and customers.