The Project

When: May 2020

Client: Clutch Space Systems

Subject: Hybrid Video

Clutch Space System provides a low-cot quick-to-deploy software solution that runs on standard hardware to upgrade the capacity and performance of satellite ground stations.

Our Task Was

To create a video that simply conveyed the complex technical proposition simply to a wide audience.


Clutch Space Systems was up fro an award and a further round of funding. They had a very dense, technical PowerPoint and no website.

  • We created a new logo for Clutch Space System
  • We built a WordPress site
  • We created an explainer video that was a combination of stock video and a bespoke ‘whiteboard’ run through
  • We wrote the script and created the voiceover
  • We loaded the video to Vimeo and embedded it on the website’s homepage


A complex proposition explained in under 2 minutes.

  • Site launched on time
  • Video produced from end-to-end
  • Secured £300k Funding from FSE Group
  • Clutch Space Systems awarded contract by Ministry of Defence at International Space Pitch Day


Clutch Space Systems has been able to simply explain its proposition to non-technical people to secure funding and contracts.